Experienced Instructors

Our instructors have real world experience, as well as certified by AHA to teach all of courses offered. They will make your experience fun and enjoyable

Onsite Training / Custom Classes

We are dedicated to helping your staff get the best training at the workplaces to mininize downtime. Custom classes are available for all occasions.

Same Day Certification

Do not wait days or weeks for your certification cards. With our local courses, all of our students receive their AHA Certifications at the end of each course.

Popular CRP & BLS Courses

Popular CRP & BLS Courses

Certifications and Renewals

Our School Offers

Our School Offers

Expert Instructors

With the team of professionals, we guarantee the best lessons and courses for all students and professionals.

Educational & Fun

Detailed courses are well-prepared by the instructors, but they make them fun and engaging.

Same Day Cards

Certification completion cards are given out at the end of the course or the following day.

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People Love Our Courses

People Love Our Courses
“ I believe this to be the most effective CPR class I've ever been in.  The instructor used all of the time while making it useful time spent. It went fast. Comprehensive to the point interactive video. You worked on the dummies while watching the video with the instructor discussion and question and answers. I learned new life saving stuff.”

Peter P

CPR NYC School did everything differently and in a highly effective way. This class was both engaging and informative. The instructor was knowledgeable and enthusiastic, answering questions with ease and catering the course to each individual. To be frank, I was impressed. Best cpr class in queens ny! ”


“ Top-notch class.  The instructor, was enthusiastic and efficient.  He genuinely wanted us to learn, and encouraged us to be the ones to step in and help when a medical emergency arises.  We practiced, practiced, practiced, with both CPR and AED's. ”

Martin P.

“ Went through CPR AED training last night at CPR NYC school for 4 1/2 hours. I'm impressed with this training and I feel strongly that EVERYONE should go through CPR training and get as much instruction as possible. If you are a parent, grandparent, neighbor, responsible member of the community, you need this training even if your work doesn't require it.”

Susan J


Upcoming Courses & Events

Upcoming Courses & Events